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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 1, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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owner was carrying a golf club. and it wasn't the first scare in there neighborhood. the same pit bull named ben attacked another dog and its owner in 2010, leaving bite marks on them as well. >> we didn't want anyone to be hurt, any dog or other animal. we want to have a safe neighborhood. >> reporter: the homeowner association president don stillman says though the city of fairfield recently deemed ben a dangerous dog, it's not nif. on the heels of two more recent pit bull attacks in the east bay, the sienna board decided to pass out flyers to every resident in their neighborhood to warn them of ben's history. >> that's good. we want them to make their residents aware of issues. that's part of what neighborhood watch and being part of a community is all about. >> reporter: fairfield police say they're glad to see homeowners taking action, as they determine whether the pit
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bull's owners taking mandated precautions. >> my fear is that that dog attacks another dog or a child. >> reporter: remmy's owner is glad warnings were sent out. she said her dog and her family will never be the same. >> we, you know, approach the street out there cautiously and carefully in case it might be coming around the corner. it's very scary. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see a lot of small children out at this hour. that pit bull's owner must comply with a long list of requirements, keep their dog on a leash or muzzle if they came him out, must display warning signs and keep him locked up. i knocked on their door today. nobody answered and i didn't see any signs. neighbors here are determined to keep the pressure and spotlight on this case until that dog is evicted. reporting live in solano county,
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nbc bay area news. a warehouse is half destroyed after a fire ripped through it this morning. the fire started just before 9:30 and burned through nearly half of the it 30,000 square foot building. the warehouse was scoring bundles of vintage clothing which quickly fueled the fire. >> this space was being used by the company to process the bundles of clothing that they get to send out to the retail stores. and obviously created a tremendous fuel. there's a lot of clothing housed and stacked high in here. >> firefighters say the blaze may have started because of construction activity involving a welding torch. no one with was hurt in the fire. two separate fires in one san jose high school overnight. today investigators revealed they were no accident. nbc bay area's bob redell has more on the questions being raised about who started the fire and why. >> reporter: the san jose fire
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department does believe someone was trying to burn down the library here at evergreen valley high school in south san jose. if it weren't for a smoke and fire detector, they might have succeeded. this fire is suspicious, not only because it happened overnight, but because it wasn't the only fire. you can see there was a second one set in that dumpster. the dumpster fire was far away enough that it didn't threaten any structures. a fire alamb alerted the fire department around 2:00 this morning. firefighters put out both fires fairly fast. the fire up against the library wall started in a pile of wood debris that had been left there, the damage superficial. outside of a little smoke, it did not affect the inside of the library. >> the fires do appear suspicious. our arson investigator is on scene now and is investigating the fire. as of now we have a cause that is undetermined. >> reporter: there are surveillance installed at the school. the arson investigator will look at the video it produced to see if it showed anything. as far as classes, they're not affected since school is out for
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summer. here in south san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. family and friends of sierra lamar will hold a rally in a few hours. they're holding on to hope the morgan hill teenager will be found alive. the rally will be held at washington high school in fremont, the school lamar attended before moving to morgan hill. family members, friends and search volunteers will all speak at the event at 7:00 p.m. lamar has been missing since march 16th. a 21-year-old was arrested late last month accused of kidnapping and murdering the teen. state budget cuts are making districts reel. the west contra costa unified school district in richmond has paid off a decades-old debt to the state ahead of schedule. today administrators handed an $8 million check to the state chief. it's a major step forward for the district which filed for bankruptcy in 1991. it was the first to enter state receivership.
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it had a trustee and a $28 million loan with interest. >> we're saving the taxpayers and the constituents over $2.5 million of interest payments. that goes back to the kids. that's where we as taxpayers want our money to go. >> district officials say they saved and put aside what they could in order to pay that loan off early. coming up in ten minutes we'll tell you about a school in the south bay that's created quite the buzz in its approach to academics and why it has visitors flocking that school daily. more gruesome evidence is emerging from the preliminary hearing of the two men accused of beating giants' fan brian stowe. jeff bradford described the violent attack at the dodgers state yum parking lot. he claims they did nothing to provoke the violence nor had a chance to defend themselves. bradford said he watched stowe fall onto the back of his head. bradford was not able to identify the attackers, as others called to the stand.
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testimony resumes next wednesday. >> the fda and ntsb is investigating the it deadly crash of a homemade airplane. the single enjoy prowler crashed shortly after it takeoff this morning. reports suggest the plane slammed into the ground nose first and was engulfed into flames. the pilot was killed. the body pulled from a pond earlier this week is identified as 22-year-old michael munos. he was discovered tuesday. police say they're not clear how munos died. unconfirmed witness reports say two men were seen fighting near the pond that morning but only one need out. they're not calling it a homicide, but police haven't ruled that out. drive-thru food, if you live in santa clara county it will be easier to vote.
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that's because five drive-through ballot sites have been set up. motorists can simply drive up to a site and drop off their ballot. the rete as open all weekend and on election day during normal polling hours. if you want more information on the drop-off boxes or early voting hours, go to and search "early voting." high-tech teaching still ahead at 5:00. the innovative program at one san jose school drawing interest from schools all over the world. also, freedom revoked. why a florida judge is now ordering a suspect in the trayvon martin murder case back to jail. and a bay area house that takes the term "do it yourself" quite literally. good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. some of the warmest of weather today. 88 in los gatos and for the first day of your weekend, saturday, numbers will be a little cooler but all in all a pretty great forecast. with all that great weather, if
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you're in the east bay this weekend, you can even hang out with skateboard legend tony scott. here's lauren scott. >> reporter: since the late '60s, the lawrence hall of science at uc berkeley has given educators and students an opportunity to interact with science exhibition, the latest this weekend is tony hawk rad science and the skateboarding legend is scheduled to be at the interest grand opening saturday. >> so the hall is all about showing kids and adults both how the science behind the world around us every day makes the world more interesting and more fun. and skateboarding is a great example of that. >> reporter: the fundamentals of balance are just some of the physics explained, how the moves relate to the math. berkeley professor of physics joel sagen helped make sure the science was spot-on. >> this is tone county hawk's o board. everybody knows how to stand on it and balance, and you can start analyzing exactly why it
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is, for instance, that if i hold my hands out like this it's easier for me to keep my balance. or if i start to tip in one direction, i start pinwheeling like that before i fall off. having the precipitation of tony hawk adds some real star power to the process. >> he's excited not just to share skating but the deeper understanding with the public as well. that's perfect for us. it makes it exciting for the kids to just know tony and for those of us to love the a scien tocience o. >> closed captioning sponsor sponsored -- o.
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back to jail. today the judge revoked bail for george zimmerman. apparently he lied to the hearing saying he was broke at his original hearing. that information is critical because it helped the judge determine his bail. today the judge ruled zimmerman
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misled the court, that a tweb site has raised more than $130,000 for his defense. zimmerman's attorney says it was an honest mistake, his client did not know if he could use that money. >> i don't think they believed that they had free access to that money and i think that was evident by the way they used it and didn't use it. >> zimmerman has 48 hours to tush himself in. he faces second-degree murder charges for shooting and killing 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman says it was self-defense. is anyone hiring at all? that's the question being asked after a bleak national unemployment report released today. the report shows only 69,000 new jobs created in may, well below analysts' estimates. the national unemployment rate has also it ticked up by a tenth of a point to 8.2%. car sales were up. jobs in manufacturing are looking good, too. but there were deep cuts in construction. federal state and local workers saw new layoffs and tax revenue is down. political experts say this could
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be a boost for mitt romney and aa new problem for preside obama. both candidates talked about that report today. >> the president's policies with regard to taxation, regulation, as well as trade policies, labor poli policies, all making it difficult for businesses small and large to want to hire more people. >> so right now congress should pass a bill to help states prevent more layoffs so we can mutt thousands of teachers and firefighters and policemen back on the job. >> president obama was at a plant in minnesota pushing a program to hire veterans, part of his jobs plan stuck in congress. wall street also plunged today, the dow dropping 274 points to end the day at 12,118. erasing all of the gains for the year. the nasdaq fell 79 and s & t lost 32. it's the market's largest percentage drop since last november. cutting through red tape, governor brown reportedly wants
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to fast-track the high-speed rail project through the courts. the governor is trying to ease the difficulties. if the governor's plan is approved by the legislature, it would be a big setback for the project's opponents. one of the consequences? they have to prove in court the project causes a major environmental problem as opposed to a minor one. a small school in east san jose has turned into a model for educators around the world. visitors from as far away as new it zeal and to come see for themselves how they're doing things in the allen rock school district. today one of the highest achieving schools in the bay paid a visit. we're live with a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. damian? >> reporter: janelle, i was here at the beginning of the school year when san antonio elementary began handing out those ipads. well, they've become such a powerful tool that these kids in the poorer side of town are
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getting a lot of attention. if he can put it down for a minute, daniel gonzalez will tell you how much of a difference the ipad has made for him. >> the ipad is a great tool because, first, when i came i was one of the lowest group. but now i know how to read better and i'm one of the highest. >> reporter: this school district decided to use federal stimulus dollars to make sure all fourth and fifth grade others here have an ipad. lower grades use the ipod touch. >> we're excited. >> reporter: the board president has been inundated for requests to visit the school. today it's the principal and i.t. director at murdock portal elementary in cupertino. >> we've heard great things so we wanted to come see. >> visiting here in allen rock school district to see what we're doing with teaching and learning, we're honored to have them here. ordinarily we would go over there. now they're coming here to see what we're doing.
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>> we all want the same thing. we just are dealing with -- we have an opportunity to work can different clientele. >> reporter: this clientele show the educators how to use the ipod touch to use a qr reader. >> it shows the word is "path". >> how do you spell that? >> p-a-t-h. >> excellent. >> so you learn from first, second, third graders. >> and kindergartners. yes. >> awesome. absolutely awesome. i am inspired. i am ready to go back and share. >> reporter: and, if they have more questions, daniel says they're always welcome back on the east side. >> it's just exciting having other people here because i just -- i'm one of the kids that likes to be asked questions and i'm always referred to, to answer a question. >> reporter: well, this idea cost the district $475,000.
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some parents call their return on that investment priceless. we're in east san jose, i'm damien trujillo. let's get a check of the forecast with jeff. >> janelle, i hear it was a tad too warm for you. >> a tad. too warm for my walk early this morning. at 8:30 it was with already warm. >> we need to get her out more. >> too hot? or cold? she said a tad too warm. for folks in livermore, maybe too warm with 93, 92 in morgan hill, south san jose 87 and santa rosa also 87. here's the thing. we have the marine layer starting to stack up at the coastline. some of these low clouds nestling back into the santa cruz region right off san francisco. that's a sign of what's going to be coming our way this weekend, a cooler flow, numbers going down. we have a mix of 70s and 80s, up against the coastline that cool weather in san francisco, we'll take you to our live hd sky
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camera network, thank you for this, will, our director back in the booth working to get this shot up. you can see in the foreground that's at&t park, the giants playing the cubs tonight right after our 6:00 p.m. news. there's the bridge fog-free. still around with us for full coverage with comcast sportsnet. for the morning hours, we'll hold the fog right up the immediate coastline. then for saturday, slight cooling but numbers still above average. a warm day for us. then by the seven-day forecast, we are going to put in some rare june showers and also a major plummet in temperatures. over the next 48 hours, though, not much to worry about with this cool front. it will drop numbers but it's dry so we're not going to get any rainfall from it. the biggest thing is it will help stir up that atmosphere and get these winds to shift more onshore. we saw the fog already building up against the coastline. it will get more aggressive 92 here into saturday and sunday. spots in the 90s today will be
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in the 80s and get a mix of 70s by the bay. then back to the coastline, 50s and 60s, breezy if you're headed to the coastline. by sunday, a few showers building off to the north. that's aa sign of what we may actually be seeing as we head into next monday's forecast. 57 in fremont to start, a cold one in los gatos, 54, 53 in santa cruz, 55 in san rafael, fwim 56? san francisco for saturday morning. hopefully you can sleep in. 83 saturday, 84 for our high in morgan hill. numbers will drop three to six degrees for our first day of the weekend, 83 in pleasanton, 78 in the castro valley, 85 in walnut creek and 70s by the bay from fremont into alameda and richmond. 71 in berkeley, 73 in richmond as well, 75 in san mateo, 60s in pacifica and also mid-80s in santa rosa. on your three-day forecast, well of course that weekend is just about here and those numbers are going to go down a little bit
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but not entirely cold. look at this, numbers dropping into the 70s monday and possibly showers for early monday morning. anywhere from trace amounts to maybe a tenth of an inch. not a large storm but rare for june. we'll clear out quickly heading into tuesday, wednesday and thursday with temperatures warming up accordingly. that shot of at&t park we had earlier just makes you want to be out there. we need to do the newscast from there one night. >> i think raj is out there right now. >> and you of all people, you're always out and about. we're always stuck here. >> i'll bring you two next time. >> we need raj to do the newscast here solo. ahead at 5:00, we'll show you a south bay home that gives as much as it takes, the first of its kind in california. also, he's driven over a million miles and walked thousands more. an east bay neighbor sodture ind ays good-bye.
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okay, get this. it is a home so energy-efficient
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it can be heated with a hair dryer. take a look at the state's first net-zero energy rated home in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. it actually produces as much energy as consumes. it has solar panels, the windows have sensors so the shutters adjust to take the best advantage of the sun. >> it's the wave of the future, of construction, and actually responds to california's global solutions warming act of 2006 that mandates that all of our residential and commercial construction goes to net-zero energy by 2020. >> and get this, the builder says the house creates enough energy that he also uses it to charge his electric car. in health matters, americans aren't going to the dentist as much as they should. the national center for health statistics found about 20% of children had untreat cavities and 25% of adults. experts say budget cuts have eliminated some of the dental
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benefits for people on medicaid, which may be a contributing factor. however, researchers say these numbers have not changed much in the past decade. they believe even people with dental insurance either aren't willing to spend the money or are just reluctant to get the work done. okay, he's been a familiar face in the east bay for more than four decades. but today h made his last delivery. >> we'll be right back.
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he has had a longcareer. when he started his mail route, richard nixon was president and the beatles was still together, back in 1969. well, today mr. o'leary delivered his last letter. after 42 years on the job, co-workers, administrators, even the mayor helped him celebrate his last day of sorting and
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delivering mail. asked what he'll do with all his free time, o'leary told us it's not up to him. >> my wife has got a lot of stuff for me to do. she has -- she doesn't have a list. she's got a novel. honey-do novel. >> even more remarkable, in 2010 o'leary was honored for driving a million miles without an accident. i don't think he's going to get much rest in his retirement. >> hopefully something on the list is take a vacation. >> one quick programming note. because of the giants game at 7:00, "dateline" will aerate:ir to 10:00. >> hope to see you at 6:00. good night.
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good night.


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